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Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal

Fight against Volkswagen in Oklahoma City, OK.

Were you cheated by Volkswagen and unknowingly drove a diesel vehicle that horribly failed emissions? You’re not alone. Volkswagen knowingly sold nearly 500,000 diesel vehicles (only in the U.S.!) that did not meet standards, and now the EPA is seeking justice. We are fighting alongside the EPA to provide you the opportunity to fight Volkswagen for their wrongdoing. Contact your local defense attorney at Foshee & Yaffe for more information now if you have one of these diesel cars:

    • Jetta, Beetle, & Golf 2009 – 2015
    • Passat 2014 – 2015
    • Audi A3 2009 – 2015

How Did VW Do This?

480,000 Volkswagen and Audi diesel vehicles don’t come close to the legal emission limit. In fact, these cars are producing 10 – 40x the legal amount of emissions like nitrogen oxide that can lead to asthma and other health problems. They used software programming to get away with it. Each of these vehicles was programmed with a software that could easily detect when it was undergoing an emissions test. As soon as this was detected, the vehicle switched to release legal emission limits.

Why Would VW Do Something Like This?

Diesel engines are known to be fuel-efficient engines, but they are also known to be dirty. It is difficult to make a diesel engine run clean. It could take millions of dollars to research methods for maintaining fuel efficiency while running a clean engine, and VW just couldn’t do it (or could they?). Instead, they cheated and created the software program.

Now, What To Do About It.

We’re sorry to tell you that if you own one of the diesel VW cars listed above, you’ve been affected by the scandal. You, yourself, are not in danger, nor are the people around you, per say. VW has not currently announced any recalls or plans to attack this problem. By continuing to drive your vehicle, you are simply harming the environment more than VW led us to believe. You can keep driving your vehicle. So drive it to Foshee & Yaffe in Oklahoma City to speak with experienced product litigation lawyers at F&Y. We will help you through this scandalous process.



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