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Estate Planning Benefits

Estate planning can be a complex legal matter if you own numerous assets and have wealth that you want protected now and after you pass away. Determination of how you want your estate divided among your loved ones can cause stress and anxiety; a skilled lawyer can educate you about each option, along with the pros and cons of all matters regarding your estate to help relieve the stress. There are many advantages that estate planning provides, as well as protection for your family’s future. An estate planning attorney at Foshee & Yaffe, Attorneys at Law in Oklahoma City can give critical guidance through this complex process.

Determinations Made in Estate Planning

No one wants to have to consider many of the details that an estate plan addresses. However, once you complete the process, you can enjoy peace of mind that important life determinations are in place, including:

  • Who will care for your children in case of an early death?
  • How will your assets be divided if you pass?
  • Who will oversee the administration of your estate?
  • What healthcare decisions will be made on your behalf if you are incapacitated, and who will make those decisions?

Estate planning includes documentation of wills, trusts, and power of attorney. Each plan must be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. The OKC law firm of Foshee & Yaffe, Attorneys at Law offers the most reputable estate planning lawyers to counsel you in this complicated area of law.

Oklahoma City Probate Lawyer Representation

After the death of a loved one, the legal process of probate will ensue to finalize the estate of the deceased. Probate can be a difficult legal area to navigate due to the emotions involved with the surviving family members and the many laws that regulate its administration. At Foshee & Yaffe, Attorneys at Law our probate lawyers will protect your family’s rights and their best interests.

How an OKC Probate Lawyer Can Help

Under some circumstances, when a will or trust has been properly executed, the probate process runs smoothly. Unfortunately, in other circumstances, there can be contested areas of the estate. The probate lawyers at Foshee & Yaffe, Attorneys at Law will advocate for you and your family to ensure the estate is divided in an equitable manner and that your interests are recognized.

Estate planning and probate matters are difficult legal areas to consider and develop. Our OKC firm has counseled families in the many areas that offer the greatest peace of mind to our clients. Call today to begin this critical process.


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