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Coverage Delays

& Imminent Denials in OKC

In spite of how you may have been treated, Oklahoma insurance companies have a responsibility to treat you fairly and process your claim with prompt payment due you.  Having worked with clients on a wide variety of insurance claims for years, we have seen time and again that a delay in payment of a claim typically precedes an imminent full denial of the claim.


This means if you and your insurance company have gone back and forth about a claim and you still have not received the coverage due you, now is the time to enlist the advocacy and tenacity of an experienced Oklahoma insurance claims lawyer.  The moment it seems your insurance carrier is stalling it may mean they are attempting to gather adversarial evidence against you in order to keep the compensation due you.

The Law Offices of Foshee & Yaffe in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, & Sayre are prepared to help walk you through the steps of dealing with a bad faith insurance issues, also commonly called malpractice insurance.  Our team has extensive experience in dealing with fraudulent insurance companies that may have committed breaches in your contractual agreements.

Whether dealing with medical bills, automobile repairs, or damage to your home, the insurance company delaying payment or refusing to pay your legitimate coverage should be held accountable. Your insurance policy is a legal contract that should be upheld.

If you or a loved one are dealing with delays or denial of insurance coverage, don’t fight it alone. Foshee & Yaffe would like to offer you a free initial consultation to discuss your delay or denial claim. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or call (405) 378-3033. For your convenience, we have offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Sayre.



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